Monday, March 17, 2014

Out two months and had the best week yet!

Hi family!
Today we had brunch with our District, because it was Elder B's birthday, and then, President Swain gave us permission to watch, "The Saratov Approach"! (It's the movie where the two missionaries get kidnapped in Russia!) It was way good! Then we had to walk here in a wind storm! Oh my lanta, the struggle is real!
This week was probably one of the best weeks yet! I don't think I've felt the spirit so much! It made me realize again and again why I became a missionary, and it made me realize even more, how much of a blessing it is to be the Lord's servant here on Earth. Transfers happened, (wah, it was sad to say bye to Sister M), but I am SO glad I stayed in this area. Oh my heavens, I love it so much here! My new companion is Sister T. She is 19 and from American Samoa. (They have to keep Samoans as my companion since I'm in the Samoan Ward. haha) She has only been out three months, and I've only been out we are training each other haha! Crazy! She is great. We laugh SO much! haha and all is well in Zion. I love her!
So, let's see. This week we received 67 referrals this week...that is way crazy. The field is SO white here! We received 51 referrals in just one day! Ah, it was crazy but so good!!
In the beginning of the week Sister T air dropped me a talk by Elder Holland (Air drop is when you can send pics from one ipad to the other. We are so spoiled here.) It is called "the Miracle of Missionary Work", and it changed everything for me. It was one of the best talks I've read, and it hit me hard. It is a great talk--you should all read it!
One of the highlights of my week was going to Temple Square on Saturday with a lady who has been inactive for 30 plus years. I have to say our lesson there was one of the best lessons I've had my whole mission so far. She is Samoan, too, and so is Sister T and the other two sisters we got were Samoan and Tongan. I was the only polongy there. (That's what they call Americans. haha) But, we had soooo much fun, and we all decided I'm Polynesian on the inside! haha. This lady has become my Samoan Momma! haha I love her so much! She is so great. She has been inactive, as I said, and they lost her records so she needs to be re-baptized. (It happens so much here which is so weird.) We took her to the Christus first. The Sisters played the message, and when we asked her how she felt afterwards, she just bawled. All she could get out was that she just felt so good, and she knew it was right. Then we went to watch the "God's plan" video, and at the end we had such a good discussion with her. I can't say enough how strong the spirit was there. We were able to bear testimony to her, and she is just so ready to come back, and she just kept saying how she is getting to the temple. That is her goal. She was so emotional, and it was amazing. I could literally feel the angels there with us, and I haven't ever felt the spirit move through me so much like that before. We went to the temple grounds, and we walked around, and we talked, and it was just so great. There is such a special spirit on Temple Square, and we are so blessed to be able to have lessons there. It does change peoples' lives. She told us that we were her angels here on earth and that this was one of her most special days that she will never forget. Nothing feels better than sharing this gospel and seeing people make it! She just stopped smoking, cold turkey. She just did it, because she knew it was right, and she just needs to get to the temple. What an example she is! I think we have learned more from her than she has from us. I love her and am so grateful for a Samoan Momma here in West Valley City! Afterwards, we went to the Samoan Ward's Relief Society Birthday party. Oh man, it was SO fun. In the Samoan culture, the men go, too, because there is food! ha ha, so funny! It was just the best. And, the sister we taught with at Temple Square came down for it, too, with her companion. Her companion spoke and so did Sister M who got to come back to speak. It was so fun! It was all of us, sisters, together, and they were all Polynesian. haha So funny! I love it so much, and I love these people so much. I couldn't stop dancing and the sisters kept yelling at me. lol Typical. I can't help it. It was so fun! I love it!
So, on Sunday in the Samoan Ward, there were 539 people in Sacrament meeting! Holy smokes! It was INSANE! There were so many Polynesian people! hahaha This little boy played war with me the whole Sacrament on a piece of paper and made fun of my drawings. haha I love him. He's so cute. The kids are one of the best parts of my mission. I just love them so much! I can feel the love of the Savior for them and for every one more than I ever imagined I could!
But, then Bishop decides to mouth something to me in the middle of sacrament, and I had no idea what he was asking. I asked my companion and she didn't know either. We asked Sister L and she said, "oh, Bishop asked me to say the prayer"! I was just like, "oh, okay". Then, later on they announce I'm saying the closing prayer! (They do announcements in Samoan, so I had NO idea until my companion and Sister L told me! And man, my blood pressure rose. ha ha Normally they do prayers in Samoan! And so, here I am, basically the only palangy there praying in English in front of 539 Polynesian people! ha ha It was hilarious. Everyone thanked me though, because my prayer was short, and here in the Samoan Ward, when they pray in Samoan, their prayers are like 5 minutes long! ha ha ha It takes forever!
We had another party in the Samoan ward. Lots of good partying for me, missionary style, that is! lol Such good foooood! I love it.
Anyways, that was my weekend. Last night we had another Mission President's devotional!! It was wonderful, as usual. The spirit was amazing there, and I got to see my MTC district again, which is always wonderful! :)
My new district is awesome! Our new District Leader is literally awesome, and I am so excited for this transfer! We are already pretty close-all of us! And, we have an Elder D. He reminds me of Gio. haha
We had an awesome Stake Correlation meeting as well. Our Stake Presidency is amazing. They are on fire with the work, and I am so blessed to be in this Stake. They are making sure our Bishopric has 5 lessons for us each week. That will be 20 lessons for us a week, because we cover 3 wards which is so great! It was an awesome meeting, and I am so blessed and happy to be here, especially in the Granger west stake!
Oh, so I started reading the Samoan Book of Mormon too! It's' definitely a journey! Soooo hard! But, Sister T has been helping me. I'm trying hard to get the language down! They didn't prepare me for this in the MTC! LOL!
Also, when I was at Temple Square, we were waiting in the Visitors' Center for the other sisters, and this little boy was running around, and all the sudden, he looked at me, and he just ran up to me and hugged my legs. It was the cutest thing ever and melted my heart!! I just wanted to squeeze him. Plus, I can tell he is Peter's age! Killing my heart!
We have a family we love here: the P family in the 3rd Ward. We ate at their house twice this week, and I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life. They are the best! We love them so much, and their little girl loves sister missionaries! They are a hilarious family and so humble. It's just a mom and her two daughters, and she's got one that left a day after me to New Mexico on her mission! They are awesome! We are so blessed.
Family, I love you all so much. This gospel is true and my heart is full of joy this week and every day because of it. I can't thank you all enough for your support and love. Know I am being taken care of by the Lord here. This is life changing, and I am in love with my mission. It is hard, but it is worth every tear and every struggle!
I love my Savior so much and know that he knows me and is aware of me and of all of you!! Please do missionary work this week. It is so vitally important!!
I love you all so much and pray for you every night that angels are surrounding you.
I miss you every day!
Sister Knight
PS funniest scripture: My zone leader told us about it. It's a food fight in the bible. Zechariah 5:1 lol It's my favorite and always makes me laugh!

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